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This page is for those who have purchased eBooks from HomeSchool Teacher's Lounge off and wish to view the video clips referred to in the eBooks.

Please scroll down to the grade level of your eBook, find the title of your eBook, and you will find the video clip links in the order that they are referred to in the eBooks.

YouTube movie clips that go with Grade 2 Science eBooks

 eBook #2 – Gravity and Magnets  (taking off and landing with different birds)

 eBook #3 - Sound and Investigations
   (how sound travels)
   (pitches in sound vibrations)

   (different frequencies)

 eBook #4 – Earth Materials

     (how rocks are made)




      (How sand is made)

    (Soil types and structure)

     (Why we need soil)

eBook #5 – Health

      (explanation of My Plate)

      (getting along with your friends)

     (Is That Good For Me?)

      (What is a Drug?)

    (What is Medicine?)

eBook #6a – Animals Part 1 

          (Various Facts About Mammals)

         (What are Mammals) 

eBook #6b – Animals Part 2

      (Life Cycle of a Frog)            

                (The Life Cycle of a Newt)       

                           (Toad, Frog, Polywog)

      (Cricket Molting)

                            (The Dragonfly - short version)

                       (From Nymph to Dragonfly - long version)


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