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Learning & Interactive Games for Grades 3-12

On this page you will find interactive learning activities and educational games for grades 3 and up.  Several of these my 4th-grade students have used to help reinforce math facts, use as resources in projects, or just because they like the games.  They are favorites that several educators and I have put together.  Enjoy!

 Multi-Subject grade 3 and up  offers educational games and activities for Pre-K through grade 8. This is for K-12. It offers 3,200 videos on everything from basic math to physics. There are also practice exercises to go with them. I use this for my 7-year-old as well for the students I tutor in algebra.  comes with fun games that quiz/help students develop Math, Language Arts, and Geography skills.  K-6    This website offers games for the subjects ART, ENGLISH GRAMMAR, ENGLISH VOCAB, GEOGRAPHY, LEARNING LANGUAGES, CHEMISTRY, MATH PRE-ALGEBRA, and MATH MULTIPLICATION FACTS.  As you play the game, each correct answer you submit donates 10 grains of rice to United Nations World Food Program.  In 2009, the amount of rice donated was 16,773,400,950 grains.  As of September 1, 2010, approximately 81,400,000,000 grains of rice have been donated.  Wow!  Keep on playing!  3-12   This website offers a whole learning network for kids.  It has SCIENCE, HISTORY, MATH, SPELLING, and more.  It is a fun and free website for kids that love to learn.  K-12   This is National Geographic for kids, and it’s great.  There are articles, games, puzzles, stories, activities, videos, and more.  This is a great resource as well as a place for learning games.  K-6  click on “free activities”, choose a grade level and subject, and have fun!  K-8  this is a great site for brain teasers through Houghton Mifflin.  Grade 3 and up.

Math Grade 3 and up       If you want to brush up on your adding, subtraction, multiplication, or division skills this is the great website for you.  There are games, flash cards, worksheets, and printable worksheets.  You choose what you want to do from a large variety of skills, and then play! K-6   This website is for levels Pre-K through Grade 6.  They have everything by grade level, and you can choose what you are having difficulty with in school or what you just want to practice on, and it will give you math problems in that category.  If you get them correct, you have a score section that informs you of that; and if you get it incorrect, it tells you the correct answer.  It keeps track of how well you did so you can compete with yourself the next time you go to this site.  This is where you can go to practice, and learn, all the aspects of math and really firm up the math foundation.  It offers 12-17 week programs that will help to build the concepts needed for a strong foundation in math.  The concepts are then practiced with games and you can also generate worksheets as well.  K-6  this site will teach learners math concepts, allow them to practice and check answers, and then reinforce with games for each grade level.  K-8  math practice made fun!  This site offers games and foundation programs for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, money, geometry, and algebra.  K-8

Language Arts & Phonics  Grade 3 and up  a “brother site” to aaamath, this site will teach learners spelling and vocabulary, allow them to practice and check answers, and then reinforce with games for each grade level. K-8   Click on the “teachers” tab and then on “student activities” tab.  Choose your grade level, select and activity, and have fun!  Filled with interactive activities and educational games.  Pre-K – 12  click on games and choose your preference.  Our current favorites are:  Facts and Opinions, Story Scramble, Un-Matching Game, Groovy Garden, and Connect the World.  1-3  this site is all about poetry.  It teaches how to write poetry, allows students to rate poetry, communicate with a poet, and have fun with poetry.  1-3  offers 819 spelling lists to quiz yourself on, or you can submit the word list you are studying on in school this week and use the spelling games offered to improve your spelling.  K-8  helps to boost your memory in a fun and easy way.  3-8

 Science  learn about health, fitness, and nutrition through games, activities, and recipes.  3-8  This is a great resource for research as it offers information about our solar system, space exploration, and also has a section with games to teach and reinforce what you have learned.  3-8  offers educational games that are biology based. It also offers animal and human biology web pages to learn from.  3-8  offers both geography and geology pages for resource into learning as well as games to test your knowledge.  3-8

 Social Science  a “brother site” to aaamath, this site will teach learners geography of USA and nations of the world, allow them to practice and check answers, and then reinforce with games for each appropriate grade level.  K-8  offers both geography and geology pages for resource into learning as well as games to test your knowledge.  3-8  makes learning and retaining historical facts easy and fun.  It also offers an on-line history book and historical quotes.  3-8

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