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Solano County, and other counties nearby it, is a great place to grow up and learn. We are close to the capitol, Gold Country, the SF Bay, and many museums! Here are just a few:

Exploratorium in San Francisco - a museum of science, art, and human perception. Almost everything is hands on. will give you more information, costs, and free days.

California Academy of Sciences - Wow! What a great place to learn about fresh water & salt water fish, rain forests, conservation, the African Hall, penguins, and more! will give you more information, costs, and free days.

San Francisco Bay Model - This Model provides scientists, educators and citizens interested in San Francisco Bay and the Bay - Delta Model a unique opportunity to view the complete bay-delta system at a glance. will give you more information on location, hours of operation, etc.

Bay Area Discovery Museum - The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor children's museum at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge dedicated to nurturing childhood creativity. will give you more information on location, hours of operation, etc.

Zoos - San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento all have zoos differing in size
and character. All three are a must see. Sacramento will not take all day to see; however, it is next door to Fairytale Town which can bring alive some of the literature you may be reading to your kids.

California State Capitol Museum - At the State Capitol, the past, present and future of California interact with equal force. The building serves as both a museum and the state’s working seat of government. Visitors to the Capitol can at once experience California’s rich history and witness the making of history through the modern lawmaking process. For more information, go to

California Museum - The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts is a new kind of museum. Saying goodbye to dusty wax figurines and stagnant exhibit barriers, this Museum thrives on interaction and discussion. As a museum, we are constantly evolving, changing, expanding, creating and daring visitors to make their own mark on history. Located a few blocks from the state capitol. For more information, go to

Sutter's Fort State Historic Park - visit a wrinkle in time at Sutter's Fort. There you will learn about John Sutter, the fort he created to help serve the pioneers around him, and what it was like to live back in the mid 1800's. It is a great way to introduce your gold country unit studies. For more information, go to

Nearby Sutter's Fort is the State Indian Museum. This museum will show you many of the artifacts collected from the many California Indians that lived in the various regions. give you more information on this wonderful resource.

Old Town Sacramento offers a variety of historical resources. Go to this website,, and learn about several more museums, events and activities, points of interest, etc.

The Railroad Museum, located in Old Sacramento, is for all ages. They offer history on trains, movies about trains or with trains in them, a wonderful section on the transcontinental railroad, and the upstairs Thomas the Tank Engine tables for smaller children. If you get a membership to this museum, you can ride a train on the weekends from April through September, AND you can ride free on the train in Railtown 1897 ( ) located in Jamestown.

Cave and Mine Adventures offer several caverns to explore. Each offer gold panning and gem mining as well as educational resources while visiting. For more information, go to

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge - Located in northern California's Sacramento Valley, the Sacramento NWR Complex helps provide habitat (resting and feeding areas) for more than 40 percent of the Pacific Flyway's wintering waterfowl. More than three million ducks and one million geese migrate to the Sacramento Valley every fall. Best seen in the fall and spring. Great for bird units; however, when we were there we also saw snakes, deer, rabbits, & beavers. For more information, go to

Apple Hill - The Apple Hill® Growers Association, located in Camino, Placerville and Pollock Pines, CA, is a fledgling association comprised of more than 50 ranches including Christmas tree growers, wineries, a micro-brewery, Spa and vineyards. There are activities for kids, a museum, crafts, fishing, pony and horse rides, and fun times. For more information, go to

California Missions - We have several close by. Sonoma, San Francisco, San Rafael, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, and San Juan Bautista all have California Missions in them. Some are larger than others. Sonoma also has General Vallejo's Mansion and the barracks close by the town square. For more information on the missions, go to For information on General Vallejo's Mansion, go to Although it gives more information about the mission, you make arrangements through the same park to visit the mansion.

These are a few Virtual Field Trips and/or websites to museums or aquariums, etc., that offer activities in their site to allow the student to experience what it would be like to go there. age 5-18 free virtual workshops with step by step instructions and illustrations on how to make artwork using natural materials. Car Data Video Showing the first assembly lines at the original Ford Auto Plant age 11 and up free virtual lab dissection of the American Cockroach all ages free video episode of the Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” re: baseballs all ages video that explains all of the components that go into manufacturing a simple batch of “candy corn” age 9+ free streaming videos and interactive presentations in Am. Hist. age 8+ free virtual tour of the Statue of Liberty National Monument age 10+ free virtual field trips to wildlife conservation projects taking place worldwide age 9+ free virtual volcano animation and learn about geography and geology of our world & 3 types of volcanoes all ages free virtual tour of Butchart Gardens age 6-14 free virtual tour of National Arboretum designed just for kids all ages virtual safari of E. Africa and S. Africa using photos and interactive 360 panoramas of wildlife and landscapes. all ages virtual tour of Old Sturbridge Village to experience early New England life from 1790-1840 age 8+ free quicktime movies using time-lapsed photography to show plants germinating and growing that explains how they search for light and nutrients, avoid predators, exploit neighbors, and reproduce. ages 6-12 At this website you can take a free, informative, virtual tour of England's Tower of London to learn all about the infamous landmark and its historical significance. all ages a mini-slide show metamorphosis of a Monarch Butterfly all ages This is the web site to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. It has all kinds of fun things in it! all ages This puts you on the web site for Smithsonian Education and offers resources & activities for educators, families, and students. all ages This is the site for the Monterey Aquarium and it offers interactive activities and games for kids from age 2-18, classroom resources, and more. If you have this museum near you, it’s great! If not, they have an on-line section that you can click on that’s great for stretching your child’s problem solving skills.

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