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Welcome to HomeSchool Teacher’s Lounge. I created this website to be a helper to homeschool families and teachers in a classroom setting as well.  The website has many of my and my fellow educators’ favorite websites listed on it and access to teacher and student resources. Included are resources to graphic organizers, thematic units, games, puzzle makers, free worksheets, on-line interactive activities, child-safe search engines, crafts, book lists, virtual field trips, field trip critiques, and more – all at one website. These websites range in Preschool through grade 12 and most of them offer everything free.  

Along with this are tabs that give those in my local area descriptions of classes that I teach out of my home and resources to eBooks that I have written and sell on CurrClick.  If you want to know more about classes I teach or are looking for the video clips that go along with the eBooks, click on Lapbooks and Classes or eBooks Resources tabs.

If you are considering becoming a homeschool family, here is a website that can help you gain information, answer questions, and learn procedures.   Just click on it and it will get you started.  The other pages on this website will provide you with enough resources to not only get you started, but give you more than enough to meet standards and have a great time with your family as you educate them.

Some search engines for teachers are listed below.  They offer hundreds of websites several of which I have listed on the pages in this web site.  There is a HUGE amount of help and resources on the internet-- so much that it takes a lot to research it.  Those listed on the pages on this website we work with or have researched.


If you would like to have your favorite web sites added to this site, please contact us me at  I look at each site referred to me before placing it on the web page to be sure it meets with our guidelines.


Click on Lapbooks & Classes for a few pictues of the lapbooks I have put together for some of the classes I offer as a vendor for Visions in Education. 


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